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with current physical distancing restrictions in place all classes, workshops and private tuition are continuing via the magic of Zoom.

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Yoga with Grace Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire
Photo – Donna Murray Photography

A Little About Yoga With Grace

I’ve been rolling out the sticky rectangle of magic that is my yoga mat for a personal practice since 1995 and qualified to teach in 2015.  From London originally, I currently live in Old Aberdeen with my teenage son, sharing my love of both Hatha and Yin yoga in venues across the City and Shire. Both practices work well along-side each other and blend beautifully into a sort of ‘yinfusion’ bringing about a balance of strength, flexibility, focus, awareness and stillness.  I truly believe that, like most things in life, yoga is all about hitting that sweet and harmonious balance between yin and yang!

*Please note that since the venue closures in March of this year all classes, workshops and private tuition will be taking place via the wonder of Zoom and will likely be delivered in this way until early 2021* 

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I started Yin Yoga classes 2 years ago.  My life was full of stress and Yin has, without a question of a doubt, helped me cope. It has taught me to relax, learn about each part of my body and all while making me more flexible, which is very important as we age. Without Grace and her Yin classes I would not have found this tranquillity.  I used to attend one studio session per week but since lockdown I have been doing 4 classes per week,  in short I am fitter calmer and more mindful –  Dorothy


I came to Yin after knee surgery and Grace is so supportive of my limitations.  When I attended other classes I always felt I was a nuisance when I wasn’t able to do something. The Yin practice and Grace’s teaching have never made me feel that way. The use of props and the acceptance that it is not only ok to do so but actively encouraged is just wonderful – Frances


I have been practicing Yin now for a year and a half and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, just a pity I didn’t discover it sooner. I found it very hard to begin with to relax and meditate because I always operate at 100 miles per hour and didn’t know how to relax. Since I have been practicing I am much happier with myself and far more relaxed and content, I look at life in a different way. I know I am on your ‘fidget’ list but I am getting there – Eda