My Yoga Journey

Yoga first found me when I visited the beautiful Grayshott Hall Health Spa back in 1995. My first ever yoga experience was a general hatha class taken by a teacher who was then in her 80’s. I was mesmerised. At this point I was approximately 50 years younger than this lady and completely unable to manage the postures with the effortless ease that she was able to. I realised then the impact that my desk job was taking on my body and I longed for a body that moved as freely, gracefully and responsively as hers did. There began my journey with my first yoga mat. The benefits of yoga, of course, extend far beyond the physical, which I discovered as my yoga journey progressed.

Grace doing yoga on a mat outside in Aberdeen
photo credit – Penny Black

Yin yoga found me some years later when my own teacher (Martin Julich) changed his timetable and I could no longer make the dynamic class I usually attended. This time change led me to his Yin class which was the polar opposite to the practice I had been used to and was a total game changer for me.  It took a bit of time for me to get my head around the practice and principles of Yin but it quickly added a whole new dimension, depth and passion to my practice, I will be forever grateful for that time change. I recently wrote a blog post entitled ‘A Passive Explosion’ on the rise in popularity of Yin Yoga. For a more in depth look at ‘Why Yin Yoga’ you can read the article by clicking here 

Reclined Pigeon Yin Yoga
photo credit – Shona Carnegy

It was the Yin yoga practice that helped heal me physically, mentally and emotionally back in 2009 and ultimately led me onto the teacher training in 2012. My regular weekly practice was, at that time (and still is today), at Love Yoga in Aberdeen with Martin Julich (yoga teacher/shiatsu practitioner/TCM herbalist etc., and all round wonderful human) and I remain deeply indebted to him for his teachings over the last decade or so.

Toward the end of my teacher training in 2014 I chose to volunteer for Active Schools assisting with children’s yoga classes in local schools. I was paired with Sandra Cook (another amazing teacher) who brought an entirely different slant to my yoga journey (it was Sandra who eventually assessed me at the end of my training in 2015). Sandra is a Diploma Course Tutor with the British Wheel of Yoga and once I had qualified she asked me to assist with the BWY 500 hour training course that she was leading. This was such wonderful opportunity for me as a ‘fresh out of training teacher’ myself and it was both an honour and a pleasure to be a part of this journey with Sandra Cook, Rona Main and the fabulous then students (now teachers themselves) that this in depth training course produced.

a buddha statue
photo – Charlotte Zambeaux

Both Sandra and Martin threw me in at the deep end, entrusting me with regular class cover – huge shoes to fill and a complete baptism of fire! From there I cut my teeth and began to gather my own classes and students at local venues such as ASV, RGU, Citymoves and The Haven in Stonehaven.

Since those early days of learning and teaching I have continued to study, with a thirst and a passion for all things Yoga related – most of the learning coming after my two years of training had been completed and continuing today.

More recently, via the wonders of Zoom, I have been able to reconnect with teachers back in my home town of London to quench my on-going thirst for knowledge, deepen my own practice and develop my teaching skills. During lockdown I completed further Yin training with Norman Blair (look him up – another inspirational teacher and human) and through Norman and this latest training I happened across the enchanting Ben Wolff who I now regularly practice ‘Monday Mindlessness’ with. As these yogic connections/paths carry on unfolding I hope to continue the sharing, perhaps inspiring others in the same way that these wonderful teachers have inspired me.

Since the venue closures in March 2020 I have been teaching daily yoga classes via Zoom for those who attended regular studio classes with me prior to lockdown and offering 1-1 classes for complete beginners or those with health issues and injuries.

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