Grace on tree stump with autumn colours

Autumn Reading

AUTUMN READING (September 2020)

The splendour of autumn enriches our senses reminding us to live fully, to embrace and enjoy each moment of this short lived spectacular season. Take the time to pause, drink in its beauty, celebrate the richness and vibrancy of colour and the wonder of mother-nature in her acceptance and readiness for change.

Be sure to take a moment from your busy days to listen to the birdsong, to the whisperings of the autumn breeze, to watch the air, wild with dancing leaves of russet and gold – to immerse yourself fully in the spirit of this season – this time of certain transformation – the shedding and releasing of the old to make way for the new. Reflect upon the changing colours and witness fully, wide eyed, the magic of this season – this moment will pass all too soon – each season is brief – how sad it would be to let it slip by unnoticed.

The falling leaves have important lessons to teach us if we are open to them. The trees themselves are teaching us how wonderful it can be to let go.

As these leaves continue to fall and the branches become increasingly bare it just means that, for a while at least, we are able to see the sky and the stars more clearly.

Grace on tree stump with autumn colours

“How beautifully leaves grow old, how full of light and colour are their last days” John Burroughs


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