reclining yin twist

What Is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga (potted) – Yin is a more passive form of yoga where we hold postures for longer switching off the more superficial muscular activity around the joints to allow a deeper working into the connective tissues.

Muscles are fairly elastic and stretchy and respond well to rhythmic repetitive movements; whereas our connective tissue is tougher and more fibrous and will not respond well to brief rhythmic stretches (hence those long yin holds).

These connective tissues are changeable however with regular practice, it just takes longer than building muscle (which is why it so much quicker to build strength than it is to become more flexible.)

Yin Yoga can help to create more space throughout the joints, improve their range of motion, and maintain joint health. Because the postures are held for longer you also gain a greater awareness of your body, and with a regular practice are more tuned in to its nuances, needs, and requests.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘quiet practice’ it is certainly a simple practice and can also be a great starting point for mindfulness and meditation. Yin Yoga is a fantastic way to balance any dynamic, active style sports and activities and with regular practice can help keep you injury free.

I look forward to sharing the softness and sweetness of a Yin practice with you.

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