Classes & Descriptions

The Hatha Classes are a general exploration of the more traditional postures (asanas) which improve overall strength, flexibility, balance, focus and co-ordination. Classes include pranayama practice (the art of breath control) and a closing meditation/relaxation. An opportunity to breathe, bend, stretch, strengthen, smile and enjoy the many benefits that uniting mind, breath and body bring.

Grace Practicing Yin Yoga
Photo Credit – Shona Carnegy

The Yin Classes are more passive but can be equally challenging. The postures are mostly floor based (seated and supine) but we hold for longer in order to target the connective tissue which does not respond in the same way as muscle. Yin yoga is fantastic for maintaining or regaining joint mobility. It is often referred to as ‘a quiet practice’ and as we remain with the stillness of the posture we become far more intuitive and aware of our unique and individual body, its nuances and needs. Yin is also a great starting point for mindfulness and meditation.

Photo Credit – Shona Carnegy

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